Kara Conway Love is a business, legal, and social media strategist dedicated to helping women grow their brands while making smart business decisions.

She provides professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators with understandable and actionable solutions through her membership’s educational content and supportive community. Kara empowers women to be confident by providing them with tools to attract their ideal customers and strategies to exceed their business goals.

The Collab Network™ membership was founded by Kara to share her 30+ years of experience as a business lawyer, college professor, entrepreneur, and social media expert. Her authentic vision of empowering women to turn their passion into profits is one of the core values of Collab Network™.

As a sought-after speaker, Kara inspires other entrepreneurs and leaders to use the power of social media to inspire, educate and entertain their audience. She offers courses to help entrepreneurs build a loyal community of followers who they can convert to paying customers. She helps influencers build and convert relationships with their dream brands, and inspires creators to get out from behind their brands to grow their online businesses.

Kara also offers a 1:1 Signature Coaching Program, online courses and webinars, and an active Collab Network Membership community.


Whether you are a creative, professional, or influencer, your entrepreneurial journey can be lonely and overwhelming.

That's why I created Collab Network™, a community for women who want clarity and resources as they launch or grow their businesses. 

Take your business to the next level, learn and share social media, legal and business strategies, ask questions, build relationships, get ideas, and build your confidence in a safe and supportive membership community.