Business Network Hub™ is a Membership to empower women with business, legal & social media strategies to grow their businesses.

If you've taken courses, joined memberships, and tried to grow your business but just haven't found a supportive community to help you reach your goals, then you're in the right place!


Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey but it doesn't have to be.


Business Network Hub™ is a thriving community of women entrepreneurs, influencers, and creators who are getting beyond "overwhelm" to focus on growing their businesses in a supportive environment.
If you're ready to scale your business to the next level or transition your side hustle into a profitable business, this membership is for you.
Have access to Kara Conway Love’s 30+ years of experience as a business lawyer, entrepreneur, and social media strategist to help you navigate the legal, business, and social media challenges of entrepreneurship.


Get ready to discuss simple, actionable strategies that will allow your brand to grow on social media, despite the constantly changing algorithms.
Develop your social media skills, learn business, and legal strategies, and save time by using the best-kept industry secrets in our judgment-free community.


Watch your self-confidence grow once you are surrounded by like-minded creators who value community over competition. Learning to embrace confidence is a teaching cornerstone in this community.


Having a great idea can be inspiring... but not knowing how to turn it into a profitable business can be frustrating and might be the one thing holding you back from making your dreams a reality.


Kara breaks down essential business strategies to help entrepreneurs, creators, and influencers get their businesses to the next level. Having a community to test out your ideas, get honest feedback, and keep you on track is invaluable. If you need a confidential place to ask about product/service ideas, pricing, launch strategies, social media, business expansion or start-up, etc.


Kindness is a core value here. Celebrating other members' wins and lifting them up during challenging times is an essential part of our community.


Staying on track with countless demands can be lonely. Having a group of powerful women to support your journey by sharing their experiences is a game changer. With Kara's 30+ years of experience as a business lawyer, you will have someone to turn to who wants you to succeed.
From sharing tech advice to business strategies with proven results to the latest social media growth tips, our community is here to help you reach your goals in less time, and with less stress.

You’re just a few steps away from starting your journey toward learning, growing, and crushing your business goals!

Become a member to access all of this:
  • Your own private 30-Minute Onboarding Call
  • A Live monthly Strategy Session where we tackle business, start-up issues, social media, marketing/branding, legal issues, growth strategies, etc.
  • A Live monthly Sounding Board meeting (think group coaching call) where members focus on developing skills, tackling problems in real-time, networking, building confidence, and collaborating with other members
  • A Live monthly "Coffee Chat" to get your business and social media questions answered when you need help
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Video Library Strategy Sessions with 25+ hours of business, legal, and social media workshops (worth over $2,500) 

Why I started Business Network Hub™

  1. People crave connection and being an entrepreneur can be lonely. 
  2. Social media is a great opportunity to build your brand & grow your business, but it can be overwhelming if you're going it alone. Having a sounding board is a key part of success. Sharing 30+ years of experience as a business lawyer, and almost 5 years of experience as a college business professor is so rewarding. I love watching other women succeed.
  3. I'm not an expert at a lot of things, but I've always been really good at building relationships and surrounding myself with the help I needed to reach my goals. I want to help other women do the same thing.
  4. Being scrappy and tenacious does not mean you lack integrity. It means you are determined and driven. You have to be to succeed in today's business environment.  
  5. Confidence does not come easy to some people, especially women. But it's essential to your success. I believe that every woman can embrace confidence.



"For the longest time, I didn’t see the need to include myself or my family in my dogs’ account. I really didn’t want to appear in posts, stories, and on IG LIVE. But Kara helped me understand that our followers really wanted to get to know me, the person behind the dog. She convinced me that it would help us to be more relatable.

Once I started sharing a little bit more about myself and my family and focused on our niche, our account has grown like crazy. We’ve developed our niche as a senior dog account & grown a much deeper connection with our followers."

~ Nanette @HotSeniorPups

"Business Network Hub is exactly what I needed to help me gain confidence in growing our brand on social media. When I started my account, I knew little about building a brand on social media, let alone how to use the apps, themselves. In fact, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing or where I was going - all I knew is that I had something to share.

Kara’s individualized feedback and group webinars have been invaluable. I’ve learned to define my niche for steady, quality growth. I’ve learned about the tech side of social media, from security tips to creating viral reels. I’ve learned the business side of working with brands and I’ve met some fantastic people along the way.

Through Collab Network, the lonely world of likes and comments has been transformed into building relationships, exchanging ideas, and accounts supporting each other."

 ~ Natalie @DetectiveHarleyFADD & @PeanutFreeWithHarley

"I love being a member of the Business Network hub. The monthly zoom calls have been so helpful with sparking new ideas and discussing ways we can improve our accounts such as our profile and media kits. 

I love the contract tips Kara is always sharing as well. I also love having guest speakers join our Zoom sessions at times and sharing new information with the group."

~ Liz @doodle_charlotte


Unleash a wealth of expertise to elevate your business with our exclusive Members-only video library.

Gain access to over 25 hours of our extensive video library filled with invaluable insights on business strategies, legal know-how, and social media mastery. You will be empowered and supported on your entrepreneurship journey by having access to this collection!