Are your followers just numbers or are they potential customers waiting to buy?

Ready to elevate your brand to reach your target audience, increase engagement, and convert followers into loyal customers?


If you're social media marketing isn't working, our Instagram Brand Audit can get you back on track.


Get Unstuck: If you're struggling to grow on social media and reach the right customers, it might be because your profile isn't focused on attracting and converting followers. But we can fix that! Let's dive into your Instagram profile to see what's missing so you can grab your ideal customer's attention.

Improve Content and Engagement: You will get actionable feedback on your Instagram account with suggestions for improvement tailored to your brand. The goal: better engagement and more customers.

Social SEO Matters: More than ever, people search social media for products/services rather than traditional methods like Google. It's time to fine-tune your SEO so your brand appears when someone searches for products/services that you offer.



What's different about this Brand Audit?

There are lots of experts who can analyze your social media brand. But they don't have 30+ years of business and legal experience plus social media expertise to guide you through the complexities of social media marketing. Legal compliance should be part of your social media strategy to protect your brand from pitfalls like the FTC Guidelines, copyright infringement, and other issues that cost time and money.


Your Social Media Audit Includes:
  • Compliance audit to see if your brand is following the FTC Guidelines and Community Guidelines
  • Profile Audit including everything from your profile picture, name, bio and captions to your content for the last 10-15 posts
  • Performance and engagement analysis
  • Recommendations and suggestions to attract your target followers and convert them to customers

A little bit about Kara...

Hi there, I'm Kara Conway Love


Kara Conway Love, Esq. is the go-to expert at the constantly changing intersection of law and social media for creators and entrepreneurs. She empowers creators and entrepreneurs by providing savvy advice to protect and grow their brands. With over 30 years of experience as a business lawyer, Kara has combined her legal expertise with her experience as a creator, author, public speaker, and former college business professor to guide others along their journey.

Kara founded Business Network Hub™ Membership to help women navigate legal, business, and social media challenges to grow their brands. She also works with brands to fine-tune their social media marketing efforts to grow their brand. Kara offers Legal Contract Templates, 1:1 Coaching, and courses to help creators make more money.

In 2024, Kara launched a book called "Leverage Your Influence: The Creator's Guide to Negotiating Brand Deals" to empower creators, influencers, bloggers, and podcasters to make more money. 

In 2018, Kara founded @Dog.Like.Me to build a community of dog lovers around the world. She also manages her dog’s lifestyle account @WalterDuffyDog and her personal brand @KaraConwayLove. Kara and Walter volunteer as a certified therapy dog team at local hospitals and schools.