Kara is a business lawyer, entrepreneur, and former college professor with over 30 years’ experience serving her community. Kara is also a well-known dog mom, turned proven Instagram strategist after having developed a thriving online community of dog lovers who continue to connect, inspire and advocate daily for all things dog positive!

It was the successful community that Kara cultivated with Dog Like Me® and @WalterDuffyDog on Instagram that motivated her to share her legal, business and social media strategies beyond the dog community by offering online courses and a membership community called Collab Network.

Kara founded Collab Network™ to help professional women, entrepreneurs, and influencers harness the power of social media to grow their brand with the support of this online membership community. The community meets twice a month to discuss business, legal and social media strategies, share resources and network. Much more frequent conversations are always happening inside the membership's private Facebook group. 

Kara prides herself on being able to provide small businesses with the tools they need to start and develop actionable business and social media strategies. She is dedicated to helping other women turn their passions into profits.

Learn more @karaconwaylove on Instagram, TikTok & Twitter

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